Dorothy and uninvited guests in the farmhouse garden
...Sometimes the free-range hens range a bit too freely!...

Who are we?

At Hope: My husband (Terry) and I (Dorothy) live at Laneside farmhouse. We share our life here with sheep in the fields opposite, two cats, hens, a couple of geese, and a huge amount of wildlife on the river - a recent visitor listed 47 species of bird sighted from the cottage.

How did we get here?

My ancestors, Constables of Roxborough Castle in Scotland, came to Derbyshire with Mary Queen of Scots and served her whilst she was held captive in Sheffield Prison. In recognition of their loyalty she gave them a house and land at High Bradfield nearby. When Mary was taken for trial and subsequent execution they stayed here, each generation farming in the area. My father was born and brought up in Derwent village, my mother in Ashopton. Both villages now lie under the waters of the Derwent dams. We have a fascinating video showing my father aged 80 outlining where everything was and how life was lived in his boyhood. This was taken 10 years ago when there had been a long period of drought and the ruins of the villages were evident.

I sleep in the room in which I was born at Laneside. Our house looks directly upon Win hill, Lose hill and the high peaks; Kinder plateau can be seen farther up the valley. This is the heart of the National Park Conservation Area - the most beautiful part of The Peak District.

The main body of the farmhouse is over 400 years old and the cottages are farm barns built during the last 300 years. The cottages stand on the opposite side of the farmyard to the house besides the River Noe with river frontage and private access to it. Of course I love this place and I'd like to share it with you.

Dorothy Neary

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